Muraoka Shigeyuki

Born on 28 Aug 1955, 1 dan in 1973, 9 dan in 1993.

Student of Shiraishi Yutaka, 9-dan (Kansai Kiin)

Yamashiro Hiroshi

-          Yamashiro was born in 1958.

-          He became an a shodan professional of the Nagoya branch of the Nihon Ki-in in 1972.

-          He became a 9 dan pro in 1985.

-          He challenged for Japan's seven major titles: the 16th Kisei, 41st, 42nd and 48th Honinbo, 18th Tengen and 32nd Oza.

-          Yamashiro scored 1000 wins in his career in 2008 as the 10th player of the Nihon Ki-in.

-          He won the Okan (Crown) Tournament 16 times

            -       He serves as a vice chairman of the Nihon Ki-in since 2012.

            -       He also serves as a manager of the Japan’s pro national team since 2013

Hayashi Kozo

Hayashi Kozo (born 1963) is a Kansai Ki-in professional Go player. 1-dan in 1984. Attained the rank of 6-dan in 1992. He was a pupil of Hashimoto Shoji.
Hayashi Sensei took part in most of EGC during last 10 years. He commented many participants' games and gave many lessons. He was awarded as the best Go teacher in the EGC 2013 oraganized by German Go Federaition.
He also likes to play traditional songs from the Ryukyu islands on the shamisen before his lectures.

Ohashi Hirofumi

-          Ohashi was born in 1984 and became professional in 2002

-          Runner up in the 1st Okage in 2010

-          He is known for his spectacular openings like The Black Hole on all four 7-7 points, The Milky Way and Orion's belt

            -          He visited the Go Congress 2012 in Bonn
            -       He plays piano well   

Catalin Taranu

Learned Go at the age of 16 in 1989
1993- Third place at the European Championship, promoted to 6dan amateur
1995- Stops University of Bucharest studies and leaves for Japan where he becomes insei( Go student) at the Nagoya branch of Nihon Kiin ( Japanese Professional Go Association)
1997- Becomes the first European that achieves pro status with Nihon Kiin
2002- Reaches 5 dan pro rank and thus enters the elite of Japanese pro system ( 1-4 Dan pro are considered low level pros, 5-9 high level and pro tournaments are organized accordingly) ). Along with American Michael Redmond 9 Dan they are currently the only 2 westerners that made it to the elite class of the pro system.
2004 – Returns to home country Romania in order to embrace a promoter and teacher career. Teaches at various events and workshops all over Europe, many schools in Romania
2008 – European Champion, multiple vice champion titles in other years
Winner of European ING Cup and Fujitsu Cup multiple times, chosen to represent Europe at various International Pro Tournaments.
2009-2011 President of the Romanian Go Federation, gets involved in organizing a lot of large events, most notable being : European Team Championship 2009, European Youth Championship 2010, Balkan Championship 2011, World Youth Go Championship in Bucharest, 2011. Also initiated the event Japanese Ambassador’s Cup in cooperation with the Japanese Embassy from Bucharest and Nihon Kiin. The event had 5 editions, from 2007 until 2012
Currently coach of the Romanian National Team

Muraoka Mika

4 dan from Kansai Ki-in. Born on 19 Sep 1963, 1 dan in 1983, 4 dan 1997.

Shigeno Yuki

  -         Shigeno Yuki was born in 1966 and became professional in 1986
  -     She lived in Italy between 1998 and 2005 for promotion of go.     
  -      She served as secretary general of International Go Federation for 8 years since 2006

Li Ting

Born: 1983 Beijing/China
Professional since: 2010
Association: Kansai Kiin