South Korea
Chun Poongjho

Korean professional 9 dan. He was born in 1947.

Mr Chun started to play baduk when he was 13 years old and at the age of 21 he became a professional player.

In 1997 he invited Alexandre Dinerchtein and Svetlana Shikshina to Korea, and helped them to become professionals.

Mr. Chun can be found teaching on KGS as vic1000.

South Korea
Cho Hyeyeon

Cho Hyeyeon (b. 7 June 1985 in Suweon City, South Korea) is a Korean professional 9-dan. She became the fourth female to reach 9-dan. She was a pupil of Kim Weon. Her style has lead to the nickname "The Female Lee Changho"

She became a professional at the age of 11 years and 11 months, making her (at the time) the third youngest professional in Korea (after Cho Hunhyun and Lee Changho). She has very strong religious beliefs which causes her not to compete on Sundays. She has received some amount of criticism from fans in Korea and has had to skip some important matches, such as one game during the World Mind Sports Games.

Aside from her professional baduk career, Cho HyeYeon received a degree in English Literature and Japanese at Korea University and is currently a graduate student in Mass Communication & Public Relations. She learned to play the piano and violin when she was a child; and has learned some amount of Chinese and Spanish. She enjoys creating life and death problems, saying that it "is like drawing," and has published a few life and death books.

2003: 9th Women's Kuksu
2004: 5th Women's Myeongin
2005: 10th Women's Kuksu
2012: 1st Female Siptan