Wednesday, June 22

DeepMind is coming to St. Petersburg

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Aja Huang, who was actually putting the stones on the board for AlphaGo during the games against Lee Sedol, and Fan Hui, who become the first Go professional to be defeated by a computer program, will give an opening speech for the Congress participants on July, 25. They will talk about the development of AlphaGo – the first computer program to beat a professional Go player. The speakers will also answer the guests’ questions. DeepMind representatives will also become honored guests on the Opening ceremony on July, 23 at 7 p.m.

In October 2015 DeepMind’s AlphaGo AI computer programme played Fan Hui, professional Go player – and won all five games. This marked the first time a computer programme had beaten a professional Go player and the results of which were published on the cover of the scientific journal Nature in February this year. After that it was decided to arrange a match with the best Go player in the world during the last decade, South Korean professional, Lee Sedol, 9 dan pro. A five-game match was played in Seoul between 9 and 15 March, watched by more than 280m people around the world. The match ended with the result 4:1 in favor of AlphaGo.

Aja Huang is the lead programmer of AlphaGo at DeepMind and a Go player of 6 dan. In 2011 Aja predicted that it will take from 10 to 20 years to develop the program that will be able to beat a man in Go game (as did many other experts). Fan Hui is a Go professional player, 2 dan pro, three-time champion of the European Go Championship (2013-2015), born in China. He is now working with DeepMind to help with AlphaGo testing.

Everyone can send their questions to the AlphaGo developers by email Ms Ludmila Nemchinova <>. And the answer for your question you will hear during the speech!

Date: July, 25. The exact time will be defined later. Place: AZIMUT hotel Saint Petersburg.