Thursday, July 21

Artem Kachanovskyi 1P beats pro teachers at Go Camp

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Some high quality gameplay could be experienced at the EGCC Go Camp. Teachers Yamashiro Hiroshi 9P and Ohashi Hirofumi 6P, both from Japan, played long teaching games against the creme of the European top Go players, including commentary.

Unexpectedly though, Artem Kachanovskyi 1P managed to win both teaching games against the seasoned professionals. The 24 year-old Ukrainian got promoted to 1P just earlier this year. Such strong performance spells great expectations for the Main tournament to come. We all hope for exciting games between top Europeans like Artem and the frontrunners from Korea and China!

See below for a picture of the kifu between Artem Kachonovskyi and Yamashiro Hiroshi. The SGF-file itself (Source: can be found here: 2kcz-gokifu-20160720-hiroshi_yamashiro-artem_kachanovskyi.sgf