Tuesday, July 05

Match between chess grandmasters Alexandr Morozevich(Russia) and Tiger Hillarp Persson (Sweden)

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Schedule: July 27th
10-00 1st game – Go (commentary by Go professional) 
11-30 2nd game – Chess (commentary by chess grandmaster) 
14-00 3rd game – Go (commentary by Go professional) 
15-30 4th game – Chess (commentary by chess grandmaster) 
17-00 tie-breaker (deciding blitz game if it's necessary) – game selection by draw 
18-00 Simultaneous chess games by GM Alexandr Morozevich and GM Tiger Hillarp Persson(10 boards each) 
20-00 Prize-giving ceremony

Alexander Morozevich told us about how he started playing Go and what he is planning to do next in this sphere, talking about his experience and the differences of the game from his main professional activity: «... I have had a lot of free time and choosing from many games that I played, I liked Go the most <...> at its core, it fascinated me. I understand that I hardly could become very successful here. I have no big goals, I just play for fun. Of course, when you play with people, you want to raise your level, so that it will be interesting for them to play with you». Alexander said: «... everything’s different in Go. Many things are pretty unusual, but training mechanisms are generally the same».

The chess player commented his first Go tournament: «It was very unusual, as all chess players are quite timid since it is impossible to talk and not only to look at your mobile phones, but even to take them with you: everything’s much tougher in chess. And in the pair Go championship (held in parallel with the Kido cup, - interviewer’s note) people were discussing, commenting something, looking at their phones, watching something, even taking pictures, <...> here was quite different atmosphere».

His rival, Tiger Hillarp Persson, moreover, believes that the skills of playing Go are useful for chess players. Swedish grandmaster explains: «I started out with Go in the beginning of 2011. I can really recommend the chess players to do this for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you are a too tactically inclined player, then by playing Go you will be forced to think about things like “structure” and “plans”. Secondly, if you work as a coach, reliving the struggle of being a beginner at a difficult game (like chess or Go) will definitely improve your understanding of those you are coaching. Thirdly, there are few things that let you appreciate the “nature” of what you have learned as a chess player and learning Go will make it obvious that you know stuff that transcends the chess board».

We are waiting impatiently for the tournament between the two chess giants. Become the witness of the landmark match at European Go Congress 2016!

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