Saturday, July 30

Main events on Saturday, July 30

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Eoropean Championship semifinal begins at 10:00 with live commentary of the first board on Youtube by Cho Hye Yeon and Oleg Mezhov.

Game reviews:

12:00-16:00 - Kozo Hayashi, Li Cong, Chen Zhaofen, Ding Bo, Wu Hao, Shao Weigang

Simultaneous game:

16:00 — Li Zhe

Non-go events:

09:00-21:00 Japanese Sumi-e painting exhibition

11:00-19:00 Shogi tournament

12:00-17:00 Board games (Mosigra)

14:00-15:30 Japanese Sumi-e painting workshop

15:00-17:00 Go masterclass

Please remember that the schedule and broadcasters might change. You can see all the changes on the news board. Stay tuned.