Wednesday, July 27

The results of the football match

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Five teams consisting of 6 players and reserves participated in the tournament. 

1. Young Russia (Russia), captain - Timur 
2. Bellazi (Italy), captain - Alessandro 
3. MishMash (Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia), captain - Johanes 
4. Ktulhu (Russia, Finland, Ukraine), captain - Veronica 
5. Allezia (France, Serbia), captain - Natasha. 
Time settings: 2 times\15 minutes each, but later due to the weather it was decided to reduce it 
up to 2 times with 12 minutes. 

The tournament had 5 rounds with each team to play 4 matches. Almost all the matches ere played 
except f two as the French team withdrew after two losses. 

The final results: 
1 place – MishMash (12 points) 
2 place – Young Russia (9 points) 
3 place – Ktulhu (6 points) 
4 place – Bellazi (3 points) 
5 place – Allezia (0 points) 

The weather as it was said as not quite favorable (stuffy like before the storm) and it 
influenced the matches, some people felt quite difficult and uncomfortable.Nevertheless the tournsmrnt as successfully finished and the participants ere content. Surely, like at the other events of EGC the atmosphere of the event was very friendly. 

It is not decided yet whether the tournament will be continued. If enough players come and the weather is not mean there will be a series of matches and a superfinal. 

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