Saturday, August 06

Kim Youngsam wins Main tournament

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Nobody expected this just a few days ago. Kim Youngsam 7d managed to win the EGC 2016 Main Tournament! It was a very narrow result as four players had 8 points by the end of round 10. Ilya Shikshin 1p is second place with merely 1 SOS point less than Kim. Third is Chan Yitien 7d with the same SOS as Ilya, but 2 less SODOS points. A very close and exciting finish!

Rest of the Top 10:

4th Ali Jabarin 1p 8-2 (two less SOS than Chan Yitien)

5th Mateusz Surma 1p 7-3

6th Zhang QiuMeng 7d 7-3

7th Pavol Lisy 1p 7-3

8th Lee Kibong 6-4

9th Cristian Pop 6-4

10th Kim DoHyup 6-4