Wednesday, July 27

Main events on Wednesday, July 27.

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Team tournament will start at 10:00.

Game reviews:

12:00-15:00 — Shao Weigang (9p), Xu Yin (5p), Chen Zhaofeng (5p).

GM Alexander Morozevich (Russia) vs GM Tiger Hillarp Persson (Sweden) chess&go match

10:00 Game 1 – Go (review by Wu Hao (2p))
11:30 Game 2 – Chess (review by one of the chess masters)
14:00 Game 3 – Go (review by Wu Hao (2p))
15:30 Game 4 – Chess (review by one of the chess masters)
17:00 Additional game (in case a tiebreaker is needed, blitz) – random choice of game
18:00 Simultaneous games with both of the grandmasters (10 boards each)
20:00 Prize giving ceremony

19:00 Cho Hye Yeon (9p) vs Zen. Human vs computer challenge (with KGS broadcast)

Non-go events:

15:00 – 3:00 Gaming party at “Place” club (Marshala Govorova st. 47) (foosball, board games, playstation, ping pong and of course Go)

19:00 – 21:00 Origami

Please remember that the schedule and broadcasters might change. You can see all the changes on the news board. Stay tuned.