Thursday, June 30

Blonds and brunettes Go match on Geek Picnic Festival

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Before the tournament, the gorgeous competitors were offered the services of the Beauty Bar to start the tournament, so to speak, fully armed. All the players also received gifts – the traditional Japanese fish-shaped treats and drinks from the Taiyaki cafe.

As a result, there have been played two tournaments: among experienced girls who have been playing for a long time, and among those who have recently learned. All in all, there have been played 40 games with the total score 22:18: the dark-haired participants won. However, according to the girls themselves, the main goal was not to win and break the stereotypes, but the possibility of spending the sunny day playing their favorite game.

Guests of the festival didn't only become the spectators of the unique intellectual game, but were offered to learn how to play this strategic game themselves during the master-classes, including the non-standard giant board – the large field with big stones, and also make memorable pictures with “mega-brain”.

- Today we are watching the active growth of the Go game popularity in our country and we are especially pleased with the interest, which the young people are showing. After all, the younger generation largely determines what will be our future. And today it is important to convince young boys and girls: playing Go is not only beneficial for the mind, but also very interesting, - says Maxim Volkov, President of the Russian Go Federation.