Friday, August 05

The table tennis tournament

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The Table Tennis tournament was not included in the EGC schedule. But all the tennis equipment was set up. And it turned out that tennis is the second popular game of the Congress (we don’t need to name the first one). Even during our football and volleyball matches lots of people were asking about tennis so we decided to organize a pair mini tournament (a pair includes a boy and a girl).

On August 3 and 4 we held 2 playing days and two pairs from each day moved on to play-offs: Timofey Arsenov/ Elizaveta Plyugina, Ivan Pesotskiy/ Sophie Mouhounou, Evgeny Blinov/Anna Krushinskaya, Dmitriy Surin/Maria Ustyuzhina. Semi-finals and the final round will be held at 14:00 on Saturday.