Thursday, October 22

Russia prepares to host the 60th European Go Championship

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The participants of the press conference included Gennady Aleshin, chairman of National non-Olympic Sports

Committee, Boris Grishin, deputy director for the Summer Athletics Development department at the Ministry of Sports 

of the Russian Federation, minister-councilor of the Japanese embassy Otsuki Kotaro, Maxim Volkov, the president of 

the Russian Go Federation, Li Ting, vice-president of the European Go Federation, Natalia Kovaleva, 7 time European 

champion and 11 time Champion of Russia. 

All the speakers have noted the growing interest in Go in Russia and signing an official agreement between the Russian 

Non-Olympic Sports Committee and the Russian Go Federation. Mr. Aleshin stated that the parties have agreed on 

designing a joint program of Go promotion and that the Committee will provide all necessary organizational and 

information support.  

Mr. Grishin provided some impressive statistics: the number of Russian players taking part in international Go 

competitions grew by 70% since 2012. He pledged full support of Russian the Ministry of the Russian Go Federation 

and its events including the 60th Polymetal European Go Congress: “The European Go Congress has been included into 

the calendar plan of the Ministry of Sports events and the ministry will provide all the necessary help”.     

The representative of the Japanese Embassy Otsuki Kotaro thanked the federation for over two decades of cooperation 

that results in Russia’s oldest regular Go tournament, the Cup of the Ambassador of Japan and congratulated the 

federation on being selected as a host for the European cup. 

«This year we’ll award the cup for the 21st time”, said the minister-councilor. “each year the number of participants is 

growing which proves the growing popularity and love of Go in Russia as much as in Japan”.   

Mr. Volkov thanked the federation for the trusting Russia with hosting the championship and expressed his certainty 

that the 60th European Polymetal Go Congress will be a stunning success. 

 “Go is successfully developing in Russia and the results of which are noted by our European colleagues”, said the 

president of the Russian Go Federation. 

According to the vice-president of the European Federation Go Li Ting there’s many reasons why Russia has been 

selected as the host country: it’s both the popularity of Go in Russia as well as the incredible level of the Russian 


 “European Go Congress isn’t only Europe’s oldest tournament, it’s also the largest. This year we’re expecting over a 

1000 participants from 40 countries. The European championship promises to become a big event in the athletic world, 

an event we all are really looking forward to”, said Li Ting in conclusion.