Sunday, May 22

The biggest simultaneous Go game in Europe was played in St. Petersburg

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This day simultaneous Go game took place: 27 strongest Go players from all over country fought with 191 competitors. The match became the largest Go game in Russian Go history and was registered by the expert from the Russian book of records. 
 Simultaneous Go game last for 2 hours, 252 participants played Go during this time. 41 games were finished not in favor of Russian Go professionals, so almost each sixth player has beat the seansery. The lucky players were rewarded with additional prizes. 
There were very different players by tables that day: well-known professionals and new players, who have played their first Go match offline not online, the citizens and guests from different cities of Russia – Chelyabinsk, Petrozavodsk, Vladivostok, adult and young Go fans. There were also new guests – people who heard about the game for the first time – they had a chance to learn theory and practice of Go game with the Russian Go federation specialists. 
Opening the event, the president of the Russian Go federation Maxim Volkov reminded that the game was organized on the threshold of the jubilee European Go Championship – 60th Polymetal European Go congress, which will be held in St. Petersburg this year, and probably will be the biggest by the number of participants. The City Administration and Consulate general of Japan in St. Petersburg has support the event, and their representatives took part in the opening ceremony as well. 
The new vision of the game was introduced on the event – a large board with the big stones for playing on it – the game was very popular with the youngest Go fans, who as well were participating in the Team Championship of St. Petersburg between players before 18.  

For information: The biggest simultaneous Go game in Europe was held in 1991. Haruhiko Shirae, 8 dan pro, played simultaneous Go on 102 boards in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris. The match last more than three hours, but the majority of the games still remained unfinished.