Tuesday, June 07

The special Go street event for children was organised in St. Petersburg

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The observations of experienced Go teachers are showing: the game doesn’t only train the intellect, as, making every next move one should use both intuition and logic. The Go game can raise to important qualities of character, especially for children. A lot of parents noticed that, during the process of learning, their children became more sociable, inventive, thoughtful, purposeful and balanced.

- We want to tell the children about the Go game. The younger generation is able to determine what our future will be like. And it is important for us to convince children and their parents: playing Go is not only good for the mind, it is also fun and interesting. For the first acquaintance with the game we chose the suitable form – exciting and interactive, – says the president of the Russian Go Federation Maxim Volkov.

The main activity of the event took place on a giant goban – the Go board. The children were suggested to divide into 2 teams and play the game, making the move with giant stones. Smeshariki – the characters from a widely-known Russian cartoon – took the young guests by storm: the kids were happy to take pictures with them and to receive the gifts from Smeshariki – ice cream and balloons. The pleased guests were walking down the Alexandrovskiy Park with skillful Smeshariki portraits on their faces.

During the express workshop the children and their parents were introduced to the rules of the Go game, but for those who preferred a more serious approach to the game, there were organised the detailed master classes by the  representatives of the Russian Go Federation.