While many of St. Petersburg's palaces suffered cruelly during the October Revolution and the Siege of Leningrad, recent years have seen a massive effort to restore them to their former glories, and many are now open to the public, either simply as stately homes or as museums of art and history, or at least as venues for occasional concerts and other events.

Tsarskoe Selo

The history of Tsarskoye Selo goes back to the beginning of the 18th century, when in 1708 Peter the Great introduced the estate "Saari Mojs" (the future "Saarskoe Selo") to his wife, Catherine Alexeevna.
The art collection of Catherine's Palace includes more than 20 000 objects, many of them extraordinary, including Russian and Western European paintings of the 17th to 19th centuries, Russian and Western European bronze works, collections of porcelain and the world­famous Amber Room.

Address: Sadovaya St., 7, Pushkin  

The ensemble of palaces and parks in Peterhof is a monument of architecture and landscape art of outstanding value, and has gained worldwide fame as the "capital of fountains" (Peterhof's parks have 4 cascades of 176 fountains).
The ensemble includes the Grand Palace, the Cottage Palace, Monplaisir and Marly palaces, Catherine's building, the Hermitage Pavilion, Upper Garden, Lower Park, which includes Greenhouse and Menagerie Gardens, the gardens of Venus and Bacchus.
It boasts the richest collection of Russian and Western European Fine and Applied Arts of the 18th to early 20th centuries.

Address: Razvodnaya St., 2  
Rise of the Machines Museum

Rise of the Machines Museum is a unique art space dedicated to the concept of the future robotics. In the museum, guests will find stylish artifacts: the inimitable WALL-E, a powerful Alien and cruel Predator, fantasy figures of animals, steel dragons, Terminator, the Star Wars characters, Spider-Man, Transformers, Ghost Rider bike, exclusive cars and much more...

Address: Lomonosova st., 5  
Muzeus Interactive Museum

Interactive Museum Muzeus in the «New Okkervil» is a place where children's dreams come to life! You and your child will be able to travel back in time: experience the era of pirates, knights and princesses; visit the excavations and to find dinosaur bones; make an exciting journey on a spaceship. The tour takes place in an interactive performance with quests and thematic games.

Address: Leningradskaya St., 5/2, Kudrovo  
The Children’s Center of Historical Education

This museum can be a holiday destination for the whole family. Here both adults and children can learn the history of our country, take part in theatrical performances and become a part of the historical club. There are special activities for children of all ages, a program is designed specifically for a certain age group.

Address: Bolotnaya St., 13