While many of St. Petersburg's palaces suffered cruelly during the October Revolution and the Siege of Leningrad, recent years have seen a massive effort to restore them to their former glories, and many are now open to the public, either simply as stately homes or as museums of art and history, or at least as venues for occasional concerts and other events.

Open-air Museum of Railway Equipment

On tracks of former Warsaw Railway Station, in the open air, there is a museum, where exhibits, telling the history of steam trains and car-building in Russia are located. This is the only museum of railway equipment in Russia which has pieces of historical rolling stock, locomotives and cars.

Address: Emb. Obvodnogo Kanala, 118/2  
Railway Museum

Railway Museum was founded by Auguste Bethencour in 1813 as a training facility for St. Petersburg Railway Institute. At the present time it is functioning under PGUPS (Petersburg State Transport University).
The exposition of the museum in chronological order is displayed in 11 rooms. Passing them consecutively, the visitor gets a complete idea about the development of the railway industry from the birth of the railways to the present day.

Address: Sadovaya St., 50  
Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

Unique collection of playable arcade game machines that were produced in USSR since the mid-1970s. 40 models of arcade games are located on 2 floors in the building that sed to be Court stables Compliance. Bare brick walls, windows with factory glass, wooden doors on the second floor give the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games very special atmosphere. All machines are functioning and could and should be played.

Address: Konyushennaya Sq., 2 Bldg. V